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(November 1992)

   Janet Paschal's mother recently found a diary her daughter kept as a teenager. Dusting off the small book she found written on almost every page a simple prayer: "Lord, I want to sing Christian music for You."

     That adolescent prayer has been answered. (ed) Janet is one of America's most popular contemporary Christian recording artists, performing before thousands of people in more than 100 concerts each year. The Grammy and Dove Award nominee has shared the stage with such well known artists as Larnelle Harris, Rick Cua, and Mark Lowry. She also recorded a duet, "His Name Is Life," with Carman.

     A former member of The Nelsons (ed. Nelons), a Southern gospel group, she began her solo career in contemporary Christian music in 1986. Already she has four albums to her credit: "I Give You Jesus," 1986; "Janet Paschal," 1988; "Language of the Heart," 1990; and her latest, "Simple Trust," released in 1991.

     Janet's Christian pilgrimage began in a small Reidsville, N.C., church her grandfather built with his own hands. Within its walls her singing career also got off the ground.

     "I would get this lady in our church to request that I sing a solo each week, so I was always singing in church," she remembered, laughing. "But I just enjoyed singing so much, and I still do. Music has always been important to me. I can't imagine my life without it."

     Happy performing in singing groups, Janet said she had never really envisioned a solo career. "I didn't think I would ever do this because I never really thought of myself as a soloist. And I love singing parts, working out harmonies, and the camaraderie of being around other people. But I just really felt that this is what the Lord wanted me to do, and He has been so faithful.''

     Despite the excitement of her life on the road‑she traveled more than 175,000 air miles last year‑life as a public figure can get lonely at times, Janet confided.

"We all have lonely times. As a single person, I have to admit there are times when I would really like to have somebody to share my life with. And there are times when I would love to hear sounds coming from another room, or have a child ask for my help with their homework. But there are other times when I am so grateful for the quietude of home, never worrying about interruptions, pleas for attention, dirty dishes, or the evening meal."

Janet believes it is important for her to take advantage of those quiet times.

"There is the mentality among some single people that says, 'My life hasn't started yet. I'm not yet complete or whole. When I get married I'll settle down and really begin to work on my relationship with the Lord.'

"I really  hate that idea because I think it robs us as singles from such a great opportunity to spend time alone with the Lord. For me, the greatest challenge of being single is to make the most of every day; to make certain that I do not put my life, my ideas, my dreams on hold until I marry. I want to look back on these years and know that I grew strong in the Lord, that I learned much about Him, and that I learned to reach out to others."

While she hopes to marry one day, Janet said learning to trust God has given her peace about singleness.

(In July of 1999 Janet Paschal was married to John Lanier. They and Superdog Max reside in North Carolina)

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