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 Store FAQ's

Feb 6, 2012

1. How is your store secure?

We do not store any of the information used during checkout. Our store only hosts Janet's products. Once you place an item in your cart, a new window opens (or tab if you are using tab browsing). The new window is a secure connection to Paypal, a secure system that is being used by over 100,000 Web merchants, including Dell, eBay, and Barnes & Noble. You will see Janet Paschal Ministries, Inc as the title of your shopping cart, but if you look in your browsers address bar you will see: , followed by a long string of characters which Paypal uses to keep track of your specific shopping cart and the items it contains. The 's' at the end of the http means you have a secure connection (s for security), you will also see at the bottom right of your cart 'secure payments by Paypal' and a padlock in the locked position. Your cart will stay secure all the way through checkout.

2. How do I get in contact with you if I have a problem during or after my shopping experience?

There is a 'Contact Us' link on almost all of our pages (including this one) with an email link. Also, at the bottom of the products page within the store we have posted an email link.

3. How is my order shipped? (Economy or Priority Mail are your two choices - read on)

We are using exclusively the United States Post Office for shipping, and the default shipping rates are based on the 'media' rate. USPS offers by far the best shipping rates for the type of product we are shipping. Should you choose to ship Priority Mail, it is available but not very obvious. When you click the "Checkout" button, you are asked to enter your zip code, the shipping rate you see is based on the Media rate to your zip code. As you continue the checkout process, you will 'again' be presented with a shipping choice via a dropdown menu. The default value is the media rate, but if you click on the dropdown link you will see a "Priority Mail" option (sorry but this is how the Paypal cart works, we have no control over this aspect, many other merchants have asked for this to be changed, but until it is changed, we will have to go with the way it is).

4 How soon is my order shipped?

Allow 10 business days (Mon-Fri) for your order to arrive. Depending on when your order is received by us, we will make every attempt to turn around the order in 24 hours, however, this is not a guarantee. Please understand, once we place your order in the hands of the Post Office, they are now responsible for the delivery of your order. Overall they do a great job for the fees charged, but there are times the delivery simply is not as fast as we would all like. ;-)
Should you need a performance vocal track sooner than the physical shipping timeline would provide, you may contact us via email:
and we will provide additional options.

5. Do you ship to other International destinations?

We now ship to Canada (please read question 7) and hope to add other destinations as we continue to expand the store features. As Janet stated in the opening video, we chose simplicity and security as our two main features. There are quite a few 3rd party shopping carts available with shipping modules and other features already built in, however, each one requires sensitive information to be stored on our server which we have opted not to do. So, we chose to implement a very basic product interface and we are working 'inside' Paypals secure structure to add more options. This allows for a much more secure environment, albeit, causing us to roll out features slower than we would prefer, but we think the trade off is more than worth it.

6. Do you plan on offering digital downloads?

Yes. Please call us at: (336) 770-6341 or click on any Online Store email link to request more information. (to prevent unwanted spam, we do not post our email address in plain text, that is why we use the email links)

7. What Is A Performance Track?

A music track where the lead vocal (and sometimes all vocals) are removed. This allows another singer to provide the lead vocal (or vocals) in a live setting.

8. Shipping To Canada

As of Saturday, March 24, 2012 shipments to Canada are now offered at checkout. Shipping outside of the US has become more complicated since we last operated the store in house (approx. 3 years ago).

We are offering the most economical prices available through the Post Office, starting at $6.15. Since our 3rd party shipping options are limited (only 4 shipping weight options) we are forced to limit the shipping weight to 4 pounds, which in almost all instances is not a problem. There is a weight prior to 4 pounds where the economy shipping rate exceeds the priority mail shipping rate, at this cross over point we charge the priority rate and the order will ship priority mail to Canada.

Customs: While Janet Paschal Ministries is a United States Not for profit organization, Customs does have the right to add an import duty to your order. We have no control over this, so please understand, if your order arrives with a duty fee owing, or is held up in customs awaiting your payment of a duty prior to releasing your order, that is an issue over which we have no control. We have done quite a bit of reading on this issue (which is why it has taken this long to offer shipping to Canada) and quite literally thousands of online merchants are including FAQ's similar to this one in an attempt to educate their customers on this issue. Often the order passes through customs to your address with no duty and no hold up, and yet at other times the same product from the same vendor will be held up in customs awaiting payment for the import duty.

We suggest allowing a "minimum" delivery time of 10 days and yes it can take upwards to 3 or 4 weeks. While the 3 to 4 weeks time factor does not happen often, it does happen. We have never lost a shipment to Canada, however we are unable to say this about other international destinations, which is why we are adding Canada as our first international destination with others evaluated on a case by case basis going forward.

Should you need a performance vocal track sooner than the physical shipping timeline would provide, you may contact us via email: and we can provide additional options.

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